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Preaching the Gospel

A monthly magazine for preachers and those who want to preach.

Paul K. Williams, editor

P.O. Box 324, Eshowe 3815, 035-474-2656
Volume 3, No. 10—February 2008

Special Classes in Nigeria

9 February 2008–I am writing this from Ibadan, Nigeria where Joel (my grandson) and I have finished the first week of our three-week teaching/preaching trip. Bro. Sunday Ayandare of Ibadan is our host. He has arranged for us to teach and preach at about six congregations scattered over a wide area of Nigeria. So far we have presented our lessons for two churches, and have preached every night except one. For three days at each place (two, if we are pressed for time) I teach morning lessons on The Organization of the Church, and Joel teaches in the afternoon on The Work of the Church. We preach at other congregations at night, both of us preaching at the same service.

With such a schedule we are able to teach in depth on important subjects and help many gospel preachers. A majority of our students are preachers who have come from the surrounding areas. They are keen to learn, and contribute greatly to discussions. We are having a great time.

It is necessary to use interpreters. Most Nigerians speak English, but their way of pronouncing words is very different from American pronunciation, so much so that many of them have trouble understanding Joel and me, and we have trouble understanding them!

Bros. Keith Sharp and Ed Lewis arrived in Nigeria just yesterday, and they also plan to teach and preach for three weeks. I think they will be going to different congregations from the ones where Joel and I will teach.

I believe that such classes are a great way to help preachers grow in their understanding of the Bible. I urge experienced gospel preachers to prepare their best material and then offer to preach and teach in such places as Nigeria. In fact, this is wonderful when done in America.

Preachers, this is one way that we can teach “faithful men who will be able to teach others.” (2 Tim. 2:2).