Here you will find articles written by others or myself on deeper topics such as how to think of supporting foreign evangelists and translations of passages in the Bible.

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Concerning the Whole Picture of American Supported World Evangelism
There are several problems that have arisen in the northeastern part of Zimbabwe among preachers who are now receiving monetary support from American churches. I have become more and more convinced I must speak out concerning the wonderful generosity of my American brethren who are seeking ways to help our brethren in foreign lands, yet doing so in many cases without full knowledge of the men they support. The following are real life events in Zimbabwe that demonstrate my concern.
Stop Sending Money! - Breaking the cycle of missions dependency (Robertson McQuilkin)
One thing inevitably occurs when North Americans subsidize the work of churches and pastors on the mission field: potential growth is stalled because of a mind-set that it can't be done unless an overseas benefactor provides the funds...
Support For Foreign Evangelists - Seven Things You Need To Know (Jim Everett)
Since I have made two trips each to the Philippines and Zimbabwe, as well as the fact that the congregation here at Cedar Park supports ten men from these two countries and three in other foreign countries, I think there is some needed advice to those who might receive appeals from preachers and in turn support them.
The Church in Crisis (Edward O. Bragwell, Sr.)
I have a sermon titled 'Crises in the Jerusalem Church' that I preach from time to time. It is based on notes that I took on a sermon I heard brother Clinton Hamilton preach many years ago. It points to several crises faced by the first congregation of Christians ever. The purpose of that sermon is threefold: 1) to show that even the Lord's church under the personal guidance of the apostles had problems and 2) churches of Christ in every generation have had problems to solve and overcome and 3) that by studying how Jerusalem weathered its crises we can learn to deal with the crises as they come to churches today.
Comments on Translations of 1 Corinthians 7:36-38 (Paul Williams)
'Virgin' or 'Betrothed'? 'Daughter' or 'Betrothed'? 'Marry' or 'Give in marriage'? This article discusses several different translations of this passage and the merits or demerits for each.
Debate: Was Jesus Raised from the Dead? (video)
In 1983, Paul Williams had a debate with Ahmed Deedat of the Islamic Propogation Center, where he affirmed that Jesus was raised from the dead. This is the video of that debate.
Romans Commentary
Download a commentary on the book of Romans in different formats.