Correspondence Course

Introduction to the FREE

Know Your Bible Correspondence Course

We are happy to bring you the great Know Your Bible Correspondence Course.

This six-lesson course is easy to understand, but what you learn may permanently change the way you look at your Bible. This course can change your life.

The Know Your Bible Correspondence Course will help you understand how to study the Bible, how to become a Christian and how to live pleasing to Christ.

There are six lessons. They are:

  1. Understanding Your Bible
  2. Sin and the Blood of Christ
  3. How To Be Saved
  4. The New Testament Church
  5. Denominationalism
  6. Baptism

You can answer the questions for each lesson in the lesson itself. Just fill in the answers to each question, enter your email address at the bottom of the page, and then hit the “Submit lesson” button. We will grade the answers and send you a link to lesson 2 by email.

We do not issue any certificates for this course. It is for your learning only.

Are you ready to begin? Then click here and have a great study.