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Free Online Bible Correspondence Course

Welcome to the home page of Paul K. Williams and the church of Christ in Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa! This website exists:

  • To give the great Know Your Bible correspondence course.
    This six-lesson course written by Gene Tope and revised by Paul Williams has helped thousands to understand their Bible better. When you click on “Course” above you will find an introduction to the course and the first lesson online. When you send the answers to the e-mail address you will receive your graded answers back plus the next lesson. ALL FREE!

    This course is also available in Zulu by post. You get get the Zulu course by writing to:
    Know Your Bible
    P.O. Box 324
    Eshowe, 3815
  • To display articles on Bible subjects.
    Over a number of years I have written booklets on Bible subjects which the church of Christ in Eshowe has printed for free distribution. I have put some of them on this site. Click on “Articles” to see a list of the articles, then click on the article you want to read.
  • To give short answers to Bible questions.
    These are answers given to students of the correspondence course–on many different subjects. Click on “Short Answers.”
  • To provide audio recordings from the gospel meetings in Eshowe.
  • To provide all the issues of Preaching the Gospel Magazine, a monthly email magazine for preachers and those wanting to preach.
  • To provide video of the debate between Paul K. Williams and Ahmed Deedat on the resurrection of Jesus.
  • To provide a commentary on the book of Romans for downloading.

Paul K. Williams: Born 1930; reared in San Bernardino, California, U.S.A.; preached the gospel since 1949; preaching in South Africa since 1968; married with five sons, 15 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren.

Church of Christ, Eshowe: Meeting across the street from the police station at 76 Main Street. Dedicated to teaching and following the New Testament without adding, subtracting or changing anything. For further details, read the article, “The Church of Christ.” May you profit greatly from the things on this website.

In the Master's service,


Paul K. Williams, P.O. Box 324, Eshowe, 3815 South Africa

Phone: +27-35-474-2656 from outside South Africa.
035-474-2656 locally.
E-mail < >

Items of Interest
Elijah comic book
From Philip Williams, a Bible comic book of the complete story of Elijah. A great sequel to Philip's Jonah cartoon. -- Joel Williams

A cartoon of the entire book of Jonah. You can read the entire comic online. The text was taken directly from the New American Standard Bible with no words added and almost no words taken out. Illustrations are drawn by my grandson, Philip Williams of Bangor, Maine.