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Know Your Bible

Here is what you can find on this website.
Free Bible Correspondence Course

This six-lesson course written by Gene Tope and revised by Paul Williams has helped thousands to understand their Bible better.

This course is also available in Zulu by post. You get get the Zulu course by writing to:

        Know Your Bible
        P.O. Box 324
        Eshowe, 3815

Over a number of years I have written booklets on Bible subjects which the church of Christ in Eshowe has printed for free distribution. I have put some of them on this site.

Short Answers

These are answers given to students of the correspondence course--on many different subjects.


We have audio recordings from some gospel meetings in Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

PTG Magazine

We provide all the issues of Preaching the Gospel Magazine, a monthly email magazine for preachers and those wanting to preach.

Debate on the Resurrection of Jesus

We provide a video of the debate between Paul K. Williams and Ahmed Deedat on the resurrection of Jesus.

Romans Commentary

We provide a free commentary on the book of Romans for downloading.