Romans Commentary

Paul’s Letter to the Saints in Rome


In 1974 Bryan Vinson, Sr. of Longview, Texas, U.S.A. published his commentary on the Book of Romans. I bought a copy at that time and have treasured it as one of the best commentaries on the book.

The drawback of the book is that it is written in very difficult English. I work with people who use English as a second language and I know that they cannot understand this book. Yet I wanted them to be able to profit from Bro. Vinson’s excellent work.

Bro. Vinson is now dead. So I asked his son, Foy Vinson, if I could rewrite the book in simple English for the benefit of those who use English as a second language. He was enthusiastic about the idea and gladly gave me permission.

I have kept the same format as the original book. There are a few places where I have a different interpretation of a passage. In those places I have given Bro. Vinson’s comments, then in a separate note given my ideas. And a few times I have inserted the comments of others. I have used the New American Standard updated text.

It is my hope that this book will prove very useful. It will give those whose second language is English a scholarly commentary which they should be able to understand without trouble. At the same time it should be just as useful for those whose first language is English. I believe the reader will find the commentary clear and practical.

March, 2001
Paul K. Williams
Eshowe, South Africa

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