We sometimes record the lessons from special series we have in Eshowe. Unfortunately, we are not so good about getting them online. We are trying to get these updated, but for now, here are some lessons from past meetings. Down below you can also find some recordings of some Zulu songs.


December 2017 Meeting
Gideon (Robin Bauer)      MP3     
Servant Leaders (Brian Allen)      MP3     
Studies in Servant Leadership (Robert Buchanan)      MP3     
Ephesians 1 (Brian Allen)      MP3     
Ephesians 2 (Robert Buchanan)      MP3     
Ephesians 3 (Robin Bauer)      MP3     
Ephesians 4 (Brian Allen)      MP3     
Ephesians 5 (Robert Buchanan)      MP3     
2013 Preacher's Workshop
The Preacher's Work (Mark Roberts)      MP3      Powerpoint Slides
Focusing the Sermon (John Korinek)      MP3     
Book Reviews      MP3     
The Sermon Machine (Mark Roberts)      MP3      Powerpoint Slides
Helping People in Crises (Mark Roberts)      MP3      Powerpoint Slides
Developing the Preaching Calendar (Mark Roberts)      MP3      Powerpoint Slides
Round Table Discussion      MP3     
Lectures on the Kingdom
Detecting Counterfeit Christianity (Mark Roberts)      MP3      Powerpoint Slides
The Prophecies and Beginning of the Kingdom (John Korinek)      MP3     
Simple Truths About the Kingdom of God (Mark Roberts)      MP3      Powerpoint Slides
Who Are the 144,000 (Mark Roberts)      MP3      Powerpoint Slides
Will Jesus Return to Set Up His Kingdom on Earth (Josh Korinek)      MP3     
Class on Elders (John Korinek)      MP3     
Matthew 24 (Mark Roberts)      MP3      Powerpoint Slides
Why Churches Need Elders (John Korinek)      MP3     
What Will Happen to the Earth When Jesus Returns (Mark Roberts)      MP3      Powerpoint Slides
Question Period (Mark Roberts)      MP3     
What Will Happen to Me on Judgement Day (Mark Roberts)      MP3      Powerpoint Slides
Jesus is God (John Korinek)      MP3     
4 Looks of the Lord's Supper (Mark Roberts)      MP3      Powerpoint Slides
Knowing God Like Elijah (Mark Roberts)      MP3      Powerpoint Slides
Lord Save Me (John Korinek)      MP3     
Meeting on Elders with David Williams - October 2013
Introduction to Elders and Deacons      MP3      Powerpoint Slides
Learning About Shepherds      MP3      Powerpoint Slides
Power or Trust      MP3      Powerpoint Slides
Jesus, Our Example of Shepherding      MP3      Powerpoint Slides
Unqualified Elders      MP3      Powerpoint Slides
The Selection Process      MP3      Powerpoint Slides
The Work of an Elder      MP3      Powerpoint Slides
Developing Future Elders and Deacons      MP3      Powerpoint Slides


We have recorded some Zulu songs and provide them here for you to hear. Our recording equipment is not good, so please excuse the static.

Zulu Songs
1 Uthando Lukababa      MP3     
15 Obani Laba      MP3     
23 UJesu Ulidwala Lami      MP3     
24 Ukudumisa Inkosi      MP3     
28 Umhlobo OnjengoJesu      MP3     
3 Nga Sisebenza Bandla      MP3     
32 Siqonda Ekhaya      MP3     
46 Webani Yizwa      MP3     
48 Ubuhle Bokukholwa Umsindisi      MP3     
49 Phaphamani Bazalwane      MP3     
50 Yek' Uthando      MP3     
57 Indawo Ephakeme      MP3     
63 Izulu      MP3     
68 Lapho Izivunguvungu      MP3     
70 Malikhanye Ilambu Eliphansi      MP3     
74 Ezulwini Bayacula      MP3     
78 Indawo Isekhona      MP3     
81 Ngazo Zonke Izinsuku      MP3     
89 Ukuphumula      MP3